Working-age adults

Londoners aged 16-64

Key findings


of working-age adults in London are living below the poverty line.


Londoners were unemployed in 2016 - the lowest level since the start of the recession in 2008/09 - and down 27,000 since 2015.


benefits sanctions received by Londoners in 2016 - a dramatic fall from 130,000 in 2012.


Most of the indicators on this site relate to working-age adults. Although London children are more likely to live in poverty than adults, the child poverty rate has been falling whilst the working-age poverty rate has slightly increased over the past ten years. 

Employment is at a record high in London but insecure and low-paid work has been rising. 

London families who are not in work have been particularly affected by the Overall Benefit Cap, especially when this was lowered in November 2017. 

From April 2013 Council Tax Benefit was replaced with Council Tax Support, which has, in many boroughs led to a minimum payment requiring all working-age adults to pay some Council Tax regardless of income. (Pensioners were protected by central Government). 101,000 families now pay more than £250 of Council Tax a year, and over 101,000 also pay between £200-250.

London has a lower proportion of people aged over 45 than in the rest of England. A graph of London's population by age is available here

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