Work status and income

What does this chart show?

This graph shows the position of Londoners within the UK income distribution by several different work statuses. These are: whether they are in households where all adults are working full-time; all work but one or more is part-time; only some work; none work; or all adults are of pension age. Families where all the adults are working full-time are mainly found in higher income quintiles. However, more than 1 in 10 (13%) adults in the poorest 20% are in households where all adults are working full-time. Families where all adults are in work, but one or more are working part- time, are spread fairly evenly across the second, fourth and fifth quintiles with slightly more found in the middle 20%. There are fewer in the poorest 20% at 1 in 10 (10%). Households where some adults work and some do not are common across the entire distribution, but are more heavily concentrated towards the bottom. At 43% they make up the largest group in the poorest 20%.

Workless households are overwhelmingly found at the bottom of the income distribution. These make up 28% of people in households in the bottom 20%. There are fewer pensioner households found at the top and the bottom of the distribution and they are distributed fairly evenly across the middle.

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