Young adults

16-24 year old Londoners

Key findings


of 19 year olds in London have a Level 3 qualification, compared to 56% in the rest of England.


of Londoners aged 16-24 are at risk of insecure employment - 90,000 people.


of disadvantaged pupils in Inner London go on to attend a Higher Education Institution - the highest proportion of any group.


London's young adults do well in education, and this is particularly true for disadvantaged pupils in London compared to their counterparts in the rest of England. For 19 year olds, the gap in attainment between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students is lower than in the rest of England - 15 percentage points compared to 28 percentage points.  This has been a major success story for London since the early 2000s.

However, although disadvantaged London pupils are the most likely to go on to higher education, they remain much less likely than non-disadvantaged pupils to attend the elite "Russell Group" of universities.

Moreover, higher qualifications have not yet fed through to better job outcomes. The percentage of young people not in education, employment or training after their A Levels is similar in London (10% in Inner London, 8% in Outer London) to the rest of England (9%). And 16-24 year olds in London are more likely to be unemployed than other working age adults (9% compared to 4% for 25-64 year olds). This gap is similar in the rest of England, though the unemployment figures are lower. 

Young adults are also much more likely to be paid below the London Living Wage than older adults - partly because the statutory  minimum wage is lower for under 21s.

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