Material deprivation of children

Material deprivation of children in London (2019/20)

More children are materially deprived in London than the rest of England whether or not they are in poverty. Material deprivation is based on a weighted score of responses to questions about what material things - such as a warm winter coat or a safe outdoors space to play - children go without.

In 2019/20, just over two in five (41%) of children living in households in poverty in London are classed as materially deprived (down slightly from 45% in 2018/19), compared with 37% in the rest of England (unchanged). For children who do not live in households in poverty, the proportion of materially deprived children is 11% in London and 10% in the rest of England.

More than half (51%) of children in London in poverty went without a holiday away from home for at least one week a year with their family, the highest rate for any item or activity.