Childhood obesity by London borough

Childhood obesity for children in Year 6 by London borough (2009/10 and 2019/20)

Childhood obesity is more prevalent in London than England overall. In 2019/20, some 23.2% of children in Year 6 were considered obese in London, compared to 20.2% in England.

Over the last decade, the prevalence of childhood obesity has risen by 1.9 percentage points in both London and England overall. The majority of boroughs had a higher prevalence of childhood obesity than England overall in both 2009/10 and 2019/20.

Public Health England’s latest figures in 2019/20 show that Barking and Dagenham has the highest proportion of childhood obesity out of all London boroughs at 2%. The borough also had the largest rise in childhood obesity since 2009/10 (a 5.7 percentage point increase). At the other end of the scale, 11.1% of Year 6 children in Richmond upon Thames are obese in 2019/20 with just a 0.1 percentage point increase compared to a decade ago.

Whilst the majority of boroughs saw rates of childhood obesity rise between 2009/10 and 2019/20, ten boroughs saw rates decline. Hammersmith and Fulham experienced the greatest decline in childhood obesity with a 6.3 percentage point decrease within the decade, from 26% to 19.7%.