Child poverty by borough

Date 3 November 2017
Date updated 1 February 2018

Child poverty rates by borough

What does this chart show?

This graph gives estimates of the percentage of children living under the poverty line in each borough between October and December 2015. Tower Hamlets has by far the highest rate of child poverty – 6 percentage points above the second highest borough, which is Islington. On the other end of the scale, Richmond has the lowest rate of child poverty in London, 6.5% below the next lowest Borough – Kingston (not counting the City of London).

Child poverty is significantly higher in Inner London than Outer London. The 6 boroughs with the highest rates of child poverty (and 9 of the top 10) are all in Inner London. All 9 of the boroughs with the lowest child poverty rates are in Outer London (excluding the City of London). Barking & Dagenham is the Outer London borough with the most children living below the poverty line. Wandsworth is the inner London borough with the lowest number of children living below the poverty line.  

These figures are based on analysis by the Centre for Social Policy. Their estimates are based on administrative statistics from HMRC which have problems of coverage for in-work poverty and do not adequately reflect the decline in risks of poverty for workless families, and though the authors of the estimate have made some adjustments for these, they still differ from the headline poverty figures. They are designed to provide an indication of areas where child poverty is relatively high, rather than a precise estimate of the number of children in poverty. 

So these borough by borough figures are likely to be underestimates of child poverty, as 37% of children in London live under the poverty line – according to figures by the DWP, based on 3 year averages – which is higher than the average figure of these estimates. 

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