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Disability Justice Fund

A £3 million fund from Trust for London and City Bridge Trust, towards a strong, vibrant, diverse and sustainable Disability justice movement



Deaf and Disabled people and their organisations have secured significant advances towards the goal of equity and inclusion in the UK.

But now, after decades of disproportionate cuts to support and services, growing numbers of Disabled Londoners face high levels of poverty, inequality and exclusion. In London, 35% of families in poverty include a Disabled person. And almost half of people living in poverty are Disabled or are living in a household with someone that is Disabled.

At the same time, chronic underfunding has been reducing the capacity of Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations (DDPOs) to mobilise for equal rights and social justice.

The Disability Justice Fund has been created to build the capacity of DPPOs to advocate for the lasting system change needed to achieve an equitable and socially just society.

Read through this page to find out more about the fund. If you have further questions, read through our FAQs.

Aims of the fund

Stronger foundations

Contributing to the foundations of a social justice movement for Disabled Londoners that is more effective, powerful, inclusive, influential and sustainable

Capabilities for change

Strengthening the capacity of DDPOs to engage in campaigning, policy, advocacy and generally mobilise for change

Greater diversity

Contributing to growing, broadening, and diversifying the disability sector

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Our journey to the Disability Justice Fund

Our new Disability Justice Fund is an important milestone in a journey that started more than 30 years ago. Grants manager Tania Bronstein shares some insight into the background to the development of the fund.

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How to apply

Before making an application, we recommend that you:

If you have any further questions about the Disability Justice Fund, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

Online application form

To apply via our online portal, please first complete the eligibility quiz. If you are eligible you will be sent a link to access our application portal. You can view an outline of the questions you will be asked to respond to in advance in the Disability Justice Fund application pack. You will also be able to download a full version of the application form in Word in the application portal.


If you find writing long paragraphs in English difficult, you may prefer to provide answers to some of the questions by video. To apply, please first complete the eligibility quiz.  If you are eligible you will be sent a link to access our online application portal with the option to answer some answers by video. Please review our video application guidance before applying in the Disability Justice Fund application pack. You will also be able to download a full version of the application form in Word in the application portal.


Support from Inclusion London

Inclusion London is providing pre-application support from July to September 2022 to DDPOs interested in applying to the fund. This will include:

  • Three online roundtable events to examine what movement building means for individual DDPOs and partnership working: Tuesday 26 July, Wednesday 3 August and Friday 12 August 2022. Find out more and book onto these here.
  • Application development support
  • Support to explore and develop more complex partnership proposals

For more information on Inclusion London's pre-application support, visit their website.

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Fill out the eligibility quiz here.

If you are eligible, you will then be shared a link to complete your application.

Take the eligibility quiz
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Attend an information webinar

We will be holding information webinars, where you will have an opportunity to hear more about the fund and ask our Grants Managers any questions you might have. You can watch a recording of our first information webinar, which took place on 13 July, here.

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Speak to a Grants Manager

Our grant managers will be available for 30-minute 1:1 information conversations leading up to the deadline for applications. Again we would encourage you to read the funding guidelines to check your work is eligible before booking a slot.

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Get in touch

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Programme lead

Joanna Wootten is leading the Disability Justice Fund work. Get in touch if you have questions or feedback about the initiative.

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