The distribution of wealth

Date 1 September 2017
Date updated 20 April 2020

Proportion of total wealth held in each decile (2016/18)

Wealth is very unequally distributed. In London, those in the top wealth decile (i.e. the 10% of people with the highest wealth) hold 42.5% of London’s total net wealth. Those in the bottom decile (the bottom 10%) hold 0% of London’s total net wealth, due to negative net wealth held by households in the bottom decile.  

In the rest of England a similar divide is found, where the top decile holds 42.6% of total net wealth and the bottom holds 0.1% of total net wealth.

Total net wealth is an estimate of the value of wealth held by all private households, including net property, net financial, private pension and physical wealth.

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