Poverty and type of housing

Number of people in London in poverty by housing tenure (2004/05 - 2019/20)

The raw numbers of people counted as being in poverty are at similar levels for both social renters (950,000) and private renters (870,000), whereas those living in owner occupied housing who are in poverty are far fewer in number at 570,000.

Poverty rates are highest for those in social rented housing (51%), compared to 33% of those in privately rented, and 13% of owner occupiers. 

If we look at the split of housing tenures of just people in poverty in 2019/20, we can see 40% are in social rented, 36% are private rented and 24% are owner occupied housing. In 2004/5 only 22% of people in poverty lived in privately rented housing. This means the number of Londoners in poverty living in the private-rented sector has increased by 102% - a very significant shift.