Births and deaths

Date 20 April 2020
Date updated 20 April 2020

Births and deaths in London (2008-2018)

Each year, more people are born in London than die. For example, 124,000 babies were born in 2018 and 50,000 people died, causing a net natural population change of 73,000. 

Over the last five years, there were around 4.1 times more births in London than deaths. This imbalance between births and deaths added 393,759 to London’s population; 80.5% of the total rise in population over that period.

The number of births in London has fallen slightly from 134,000 following a mini baby boom in years running up to 2012. Newham and Tower Hamlets were the boroughs with the highest levels of net births in 2018 with 4,400 and 4,000 respectively.