Poverty and disability

Date 1 September 2017
Date updated 20 April 2020

Proportion of Londoners in poverty in families with and without disabled persons (2007/08, 2012/13, and 2017/18)

Disability is strongly associated with poverty, both because disability brings with it extra costs which reduce the resources available relative to non-disabled people, and because it often reduces the capacity to work.

Londoners who live in families that include a disabled person are 54% more likely to be in poverty than those living in families that do not include a disabled person. 

For example, in the 3 years to 2017/18, 37% of families that included a disabled person were in poverty but only 24% of those who did not were. The gap was narrower in the three years to 2012/13. 

When considering the overall composition of the population in poverty in 2017/18, we see that 30% of people in poverty live in families that contain at least one disabled person.

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