Key findings


of 19-year-olds in Bexley lack level 3 qualifications.


years is the disability-free life expectancy for both men and women in Bexley.


evictions per 1,000 renting households in Bexley


Bexley is a south east, Outer London borough. 16% of Bexley's residents are living in poverty, one of the lowest rates in London. It also has low income inequality. 

However, in the latest figures only 1% of housing completions in Bexley were affordable – a rate lower than in any other London borough. In fact, the total amount of affordable housing in Bexley went down last year, because  more social housing was demolished or converted into a different type of accommodation than there was new social housing built. The borough does have a redevelopment scheme in place, and as it progresses, they have set a target of 50% of all completions to be affordable. Despite the lack of new affordable housing, private rent for low earners in Bexley is the second most affordable in London (when measured as a ratio of salary to rent for low earners).

The rankings below show how Bexley is performing on key poverty and inequality indicators, in comparison with all 32 London boroughs. The first section gives a snapshot from the latest data: the deeper the red, the worse the problem; those coloured green are in the top half of London boroughs, which are performing better.

The circles show whether the issue is getting better or worse in comparison to previous period. Where there is no change, the circle is orange. Where there is no comparative data, the circle is grey.

Bexley indicator rankings over time

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