The cost of housing is a key driver of poverty in the capital. Many Londoners do not have access to genuinely affordable housing which is also of good quality and offers stability. Providing such homes is essential, as is addressing the persistent, and linked, problem of homelessness.

We are working with some fantastic organisations, who are seeking to solve some of these problems, which we have divided into four categories:

  • Private Rented Sector
  • Promoting Tenant Voice
  • Increasing Affordability 
  • Homelessness

We also give an example of a project which we are funding – the Citizens UK Campaign – and an Initiative we are leading in partnership with the Mayor of London, the London Housing Panel. 

There are many other groups we are funding to tackle London’s housing issues, and much more that still needs to be done. If you are an organisation which works on these issues, and are interested in applying for funding, visit our funding page for guidance. 

The Trust does not provide funding or support directly to individuals. For answers to common questions about our funding, please read our Funding FAQs.

And to see data about housing in London, look at our London’s Poverty Profile.

Housing: Funding opportunities