Annual Review 2019

Last year was the second year of delivering our five-year funding strategy to tackle poverty and inequality in London.

We do this by:

  1. Funding voluntary and community groups
    In 2019, we made 128 grants, which totalled £9.9m, with a further £430,000 invested in grants-related funding.
  2. Developing strategic initiatives
    We engage in strategic work on key issues where we can accelerate change to reduce poverty and inequality. We mainly work in partnership with other funders, universities, organisations and grantees on these issues.
  3. Commissioning independent research
    In 2019, we funded research exploring a range of issues, from insecure work in the gig economy and the experiences of Latin American women in low-paid employment, through to an assessment of how many Londoners have a socially acceptable standard of living and a study of local welfare assistance schemes.
  4. Supporting social investment
    We make loans and invest in projects that offer a financial and a social return. In 2019, we committed to investments totalling £2.9m and agreed in principle to investments totalling £1.1m.
  5. Providing support and training to campaigners
    In 2019, we ran campaigning workshops, learning seminars, and reporting and evaluation training.
  6. Sharing knowledge and expertise on London's social issues
    Our knowledge on London’s social issues comes from the on-the-ground experience of the hundreds of groups we fund and our staff who work with them, as well as from the research we fund. We also provide data and insight through London’s Poverty Profile.

Find out more about our year in 2019 by downloading our full Annual Review below.