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Employment Legal Advice Network (ELAN)

Set up by Trust for London in 2014, ELAN is a network of over 60 organisations dedicated to ensuring that people in London are able to obtain advice about and enforce their employment rights and entitlements.

This could be through the provision of advice and/or campaigning for change. The primary focus is on low-paid workers and those in precarious work.

What are ELAN's aims?

  • Improve the effectiveness of London's employment rights advice sector;
  • Improve the co-ordination of this sector;
  • Share learning and experience;
  • Identify areas of joint action and undertake initiatives/campaigns;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and evidence.

What does ELAN do?


ELAN usually meets formally four times a year to share good practice and information, identify policy issue and collaborate on appropriate responses. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ELAN has moved to more regular virtual meetings.

Support for advice providers

ELAN works collaboratively to support the delivery of advice services through pro bono networks and facilitates ad hoc training.

Good practice sharing

ELAN invites members and external organisations to share expertise and solutions to assist with employment advice provision.

Expert volunteer engagement

ELAN facilitates the pairing of volunteers with ELAN members through a mentoring scheme.

Contribution to policy development

ELAN contributes to government consultations and co-ordinates efforts with organisations to feed into policy making related to workers' rights.

For regular updates on ELAN's work, follow @trustforlondon on Twitter and see #ELAN for recent tweets.

For more information about ELAN, contact Victoria Speed, Director of Network, at

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Training and resources

Access recordings of the latest training offered to ELAN members on issues related to employment law.