What our grantees are saying: the Spring Statement 2022

In the Spring Statement, the Chancellor shares an update on the health of the economy, responding to the most recent forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility. The Statement also gives the government an opportunity to consider longer-term challenges to public finances, and to start consulting on how to address them.

The overarching aim - and hope - for this particular Spring Statement was to ease the worst cost of living crisis in a generation. Has it gone any way to doing this? Here's what some of our grantees had to say.

Our grantees represent many of the groups experiencing the worst levels of hardship in London - hard-working, low-earning families; people receiving income support and benefits; single parents; women's groups; and children living in poverty. These groups are lined up to be hit hardest by the cost of living crisis, and the sentiment sector-wide is that this month's statement has done nothing to immediately alleviate, or prepare to alleviate this burden.

Fair by Design

Women's Budget Group

Equality Trust


Child Poverty Action Group

Bright Blue


28 March 2022