Credit: James Daniel

Trust for London launches new Temporary Accommodation Initiative

Trust for London has launched a new strategic initiative to strengthen the voice and connections for change of Londoners living in Temporary Accommodation (TA), and ultimately, to make better use of TA.

The initiative builds on research that found that there are not enough organisations working to support Londoners in temporary and insecure housing, and those that are are often small, under-resourced and working in isolation. Meanwhile the many thousands of Londoners in this situation may struggle to have their voices heard or access support.

The initiative is opening for applications for the following in April 2022:

  1. Grant funding to organisations who are working for change with and for people with experience of TA
  2. Networking and development support, including connections to wider work, opportunities to meet decision-makers and access to consultancy or training.

Better Temporary Accommodation for Londoners is financed by Oak Foundation and Trust for London. It will run from 2022-25.

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