How the next Mayor of London can tackle poverty and inequality

London is the wealthiest city in the world. But behind the appearance of prosperity, life for many Londoners is difficult.

There are many things to celebrate about this city, but the unacceptable levels of poverty and inequality will be the foremost challenge facing the next Mayor of London.

This is not a challenge that can be shirked. Hundreds of organisations across the city – many of whom we support – are showing what can or needs to be done to improve life for low-income Londoners. The next Mayor needs to learn from their work, champion their causes, and help scale the most promising initiatives.

We’ve gathered many of these ideas together to help the next Mayor of London appreciate what is possible, with a call to make progress against five goals:

Good Affordable Housing

All Londoners should have access to good quality affordable housing, in neighbourhoods with a good sense of community where newcomers are welcomed.

Reduce the Cost of Living

We need to reduce the cost of living in the city, including childcare and transport, as well as the disproportionate high cost of essential goods and services for people on low incomes.

Better Work for Everyone

Many jobs are low paid, insecure and fail to act as a stepping stone into a decent career. We want London’s economy to invest more in low-paid workers so they have jobs that enable them to live with dignity, especially by paying at least the London living wage.

A Responsive Social Security System

We need a responsive system of social security that provides adequate income for people when they need it, and does not create barriers to work for those who can.

A Fairer London for All

We live in a city with large gaps between the rich and the poor. Inequality is bad for everyone: we want a fairer London for all.