New analysis of poverty in Kensington & Chelsea shows big divides between rich and poor

This newly-updated profile of Kensington & Chelsea provides an overview of poverty and inequality in the borough, as well as detailed analysis on a number of indicators relating to incomes, child poverty and housing. The analysis forms part of our London’s Poverty Profile work, in collaboration with the think-tank New Policy Institute.

The analysis finds:

    • Kensington and Chelsea is a borough with some very high incomes, as well as the highest average incomes in London. Despite this, there are pockets of deprivation in the borough.
    • Particularly in the north end of Kensington and Chelsea, there is an area with above average poverty rates, child poverty, and receipt of out-of-work benefits. These are not confined to this part of the borough, but are more concentrated here.
    • Kensington and Chelsea is also an outlier in London in terms of the proportion of its households in temporary accommodation living in the borough: around three-quarters are placed elsewhere.

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