Micro Rainbow

Micro Rainbow supports over 500 LGBTQI asylum seekers, refugees and migrants every year by providing them with safe housing, social inclusion and moving on support.

Micro Rainbow's clients are often homeless or at high risk of homelessness, and are living in domestic servitude or are engaged in other exploitative work. Their legal status is uncertain or is being fought in the immigration courts which discourages them from accessing healthcare or the police for fear of repercussions on their legal cases. They are extremely isolated as their sexuality or gender identity or intersex status means they do not benefit from the support of co-nationals or family members.

Micro Rainbow implements a holistic approach to integration which is based on three pillars.  Their housing programme provides almost 20,000 bed-nights a year in three UK regions to homeless LGBTQI migrants. Their social inclusion programme tackles the extreme isolation that LGBTQI migrants face and build social safety nets.  They organise drop-in services, peer support groups and an entertainment programme that includes mindfulness, art projects and much more. The moving on programme supports newly granted refugees to find permanent housing to avoid the risk of homelessness at a critical time in their lives, employment and education opportunities.

The social investment received from Trust for London will enable Micro Rainbow to purchase more safe houses, to expand the number of bed-nights a year that they can provide and to reduce homelessness and violence experienced by LGBTQI asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

For more information visit Micro Rainbow’s website.

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