Promoting tenant voice

60 second overview

We believe that the voice of London renters on low incomes is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome for housing in the capital.

People who are experiencing problems in the private rented sector must be empowered to speak out about the issues affecting them. This is particularly important because people’s ability to continue to live in their homes, with their children's education and access to wider family support, might be at stake. 

With this in mind, the Trust has supported a number of projects which strengthen the ability of low-income tenants to make their voices heard about issues that affect them; including planning decisions, regeneration projects and renters’ rights. We have also submitted consultation responses on this subject to the London Mayor.

Here are some examples of projects which we are funding to promote the voices of tenants:

If you are an organisation which works on these issues, and are interested in applying for funding, visit our funding page for guidance.

And to see more data about housing in London, look at our London’s Poverty Profile.

Promoting tenant voice: Funding opportunities

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