Citizens UK Campaign

60 second overview

Citizens UK and Trust for London are jointly investing over £700,000 over four years on a strategic initiative to tackle London’s housing crisis.

This is a wide-reaching initiative which aims to build a citizen-led movement around housing in London. It includes campaigns about affordable housing in the Olympic Park; estate regeneration in Broadwater Farm; affordable housing in the Old Oak and Park Royal development; and tackling rogue landlords in the private rented sector. 

The initiative will use community organising methods to build relationships with decision makers and campaign on community goals. We hope it will contribute to thousands of extra affordable homes being built, and will support residents through improved housing conditions. It will also help to empower citizens and communities to be able to campaign on issues which affect their daily lives. 

As well as supporting the initiative financially, Trust for London is coordinating an Advisory Group of senior London Housing experts, and commissioning an independent evaluation to track the initiative’s progress and impact.

Citizens UK is a community organising group which empowers people to push for change on the issues which matter to them. This campaign began in June 2017 and will run until 2021. 

If you are an organisation which works on these issues, and are interested in applying for funding, visit our funding page for guidance.

And to see more data about housing in London, look at our London’s Poverty Profile.

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