Social Investment

The work of Trust for London is not limited to making grants; we also use our resources to tackle poverty and inequality in other ways. One of the ways we do this is through social investment.

Entirely separate from our grant making, social investment (sometimes called ‘mission related investing’) allows us to offer organisations the financial investment they need to support work which generates an income whilst delivering social returns. For example, a community organisation that needed funds to start a trading venture or to scale up its capacity to deliver contracted services, could be funded in this way.

This type of support can help organisations to diversify their funding base, reduce their reliance on grant funding and increase their social impact. Typically our social investments will be loans or equity but, unlike grants, must be repaid with interest. Whilst we can be flexible about the size or type of investments we make (and how much interest we will charge), all investments of this type must deliver useful social outcomes.

We therefore want to hear from organisations (with a viable business case) seeking or considering investment as a way to help them develop sustainable work with positive outcomes for society.  Like our grants, our social investments can only support work that benefits Londoners, but we look at each opportunity on a case-by-case basis and are happy to discuss early investment ideas with you.

Importantly, making social investments does not affect the amount of funding we have available for grant making.

Currently, we have £14.3 million of investment commitments to projects that are delivering important social benefits. Two recent examples include:

  • A £400,000 loan to Micro Rainbow International to help expand its services supporting vulnerable LGBT+ migrants.
  • A £250,000 loan to K10 to help it increase the number of excluded Londoners accessing high quality apprenticeships in the construction industry.

One significant investment (now £1.85 million of equity) has helped create the Foundry – a large scale project that brings together some of London’s most innovative and progressive social justice and human rights organisations in an affordable award-winning building.

What we will invest in

Social Investment FAQs

We’re listed on Good Finance, a website to help charities and social enterprises navigate social investment.

For further information or to discuss a potential investment application please contact:

Douglas Gunn
4 Chiswell Street

Telephone: 020 7606 6145