Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for grantees and future grant applicants

We want to support our grantees and the wider sector through this challenging period.

This page contains information for current grantees and organisations who are looking to apply for a future grant.

Current grantees

We want to ensure that you have the resources you need to respond to beneficiary needs as they arise, particularly those who have little financial resources to weather this storm. 

We are keen to hear from you about your concerns so that we can find ways to support you. Please contact your Grants Manager to discuss any issues as they arise. We will consider requests to postpone your grant or switch the focus of your grant as a result of COVID-19. Please get in touch with your Grants Manager to discuss this.

Information for new grant applicants

Our next closing date for applications is 1 February 2022, 1pm

Our funding priorities will remain the same but we would expect applications to outline how they intend to respond to issues emerging as a result of the pandemic, depending on which programme area they are applying to. 

We acknowledge that there continues to be a great deal of uncertainty for the foreseeable future, it is likely that social distancing will be a reality for quite a while. This will make planning future work challenging, so we recognise that there needs to be an adaptive approach over the next few years.

Whilst our funding priorities remain the same, we are particularly interested in supporting work that:

  • Responds to emerging needs as a result of the pandemic e.g. an increase in demand for advice, casework and representation
  • Gathers evidence, data insights and learning about the impact of COVID-19 on London’s communities, particularly those who are on low incomes and disadvantaged
  • Campaigning, advocacy work and strategic communications to strengthen the safety net and to bring about longer term change as a result of the pandemic

We will also consider including the additional costs organisations may incur in delivering this work e.g. by adapting workplaces to remote and/or safe working; purchase of digital equipment and training support.

Applying for a grant

There are two routes to apply for a grant.

  1. Through Trust for London directly
    Our next application deadline is 1 February 2022 (1pm).
    Please check our funding page for further details on the process and eligibility.
  2. Through the London Community Emergency Response fund
    We've pledged £2.5 million to an emergency support fund co-ordinated by London Funders to help community and voluntary organisations during this time. Please check the London Community Response website for further updates on future waves of funding.


Finally, we want to support our current and future grantees to have the resources they need to help them through this crisis. Take a look at our COVID-19: news, data and resources page for more information.