Personal wellbeing

Date 20 April 2020
Date updated 20 April 2020

Personal wellbeing estimates by London borough (2018/19)

Living standards are not just about poverty, incomes and wealth. A wide range of other factors contribute to living standards and wellbeing and, again, there is a large range of outcomes across London on many of these indicators. This indicator looks at measures of wellbeing. 

London has a worse score in terms of anxiety (3.1) than England (2.87), meaning that Londoners are, on average, more likely to report higher levels of anxiety than those in England overall. 

Londoners score lower on overall life satisfaction (7.58) than England overall (7.71). 

The personal wellbeing scale ranges from 0 to 10, where 0 signifies an individual not experiencing anxiety or life satisfaction at all and 10 means they are experiencing it to the highest level.The mean averages provide an overall estimate of personal wellbeing by geography.

Amongst the London boroughs, Kensington and Chelsea scores the highest on anxiety with an average of 3.69, whereas Harrow has the lowest average score (2.34).

Note that comparisons across areas should be treated with a degree of caution due to differences in sample size. The average scores are meant as an indication of wellbeing and not as a direct measurement.