London’s Poverty Profile

Work & Worklessness

Key findings


Londoners were unemployed in 2016 - the lowest level since the start of the recession in 2008/09.


of 16-24 year olds were unemployed in 2016 compared to 3.6% of 25-64 year olds.

1 in 10

of employees in London are at risk of insecure employment. Younger and BME Londoners are more at risk.


The indicators in this topic look at the problems associated with not being in paid work, underemployment and insecure work. 

Poverty and the amount of paid work carried out by adults in a household are closely related. As the figures on in-work poverty show, having an adult in employment is not a guarantee of having a good income. However, poverty is much more likely without employment or when working relatively few hours. 

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