Post-school destinations

Date 1 September 2017
Date updated 8 October 2017

Post-school destinations of pupils

What does this chart show?

This graph shows that London pupils who entered an A-level or equivalent in 2014/15 were more likely to go on to higher education in 2015/16 (58% in Outer London, 57% in Inner London) than their counterparts in the rest of England (47%).

In the rest of England, pupils who undertake A-levels are more likely to move directly into employment at age 19 (24%), than in Outer London (16%) or Inner London (12%). This group of young people is a relatively small proportion of total youth employment at age 19 – 83,000 of the 360,000 employed 19-year-olds. The majority of 19-year-olds in the labour market probably did not take A-levels.*

Young people in London are less likely to undertake apprenticeships after A-levels (4% in Inner & Outer London) than the rest of England (8%). The government hopes the apprenticeship levy**, which came into effect in April 2017, will deliver three million new apprenticeships across England by 2020. The level of university tuition fees, the abolition of higher education maintenance grants for disadvantaged young people, and the expansion of apprenticeships may mean a fall in the proportion of young people attending further education, and an increase in the proportion undertaking apprenticeships.

The proportion of young people not sustaining education, employment or training after A-levels was similar in London (10% in Inner London, 8% in Outer London) and the rest of England (9%). This is also true of the proportion of all young people aged 15 – 24 who are NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training) in London and England. 

* People who are employed and studying are also in this data

 ** All employers in England will receive a £15,000 annual allowance to fund apprenticeships. The allowance will be financed by employers in England with an employee pay bill of above £3 million a year, who will pay a 0.5% levy on their pay bill. ( Department for Education (2017) Apprenticeship Funding: How It Will Work) www. apprenticeship-levy-how-it-will-work/ apprenticeship-levy-how-it-will-work.