Poverty and occupation

Date 20 April 2020
Date updated 20 April 2020

Occupations categories for those in in-work poverty (2017/18)

This indicator shows the occupations of those in in-work poverty in London and the rest of England. The most common category is ‘elementary occupations’ with 18% of those in poverty and in-work working within this type of job. This is closely followed by ‘associate professional and technical’ (14%), and ‘caring, leisure and other services’ (13%). These most common occupations contrast with the rest of England where ‘elementary occupations’ are also most common for those in in-work poverty, but the second place goes to ‘skilled trades’ (14%) and there is a smaller share within ‘associate professional and technical’ as well as ‘professional occupations’ (both 9%).

The picture is very different for those working but not counted as being in poverty in London where ‘professional occupations’ make up 27% of jobs.