Poverty and occupation

Occupation categories for those in in-work poverty (2019/20)

This indicator shows the occupation categories of those in in-work poverty in London and the rest of England. Of everybody experiencing working poverty, more worked in `professional occupations` than any other job, with 20% of people in in-work poverty in London categorised in this way. The group made up a smaller proportion (12%) in the rest of England. (Note this group consists of a wide range of occupations including teaching and nursing professionals - more details can be found here).

The next largest occupation category for Londoners experiencing in-work poverty is `elementary occupations` (17%) which is a group characterised by roles that do not require formal qualifications. This group was most common in the rest of England (18%).

The picture is very different for those working but not counted as being in poverty in London where ‘professional occupations’ make up 32% of jobs.