Low-paid residents by borough

What does this chart show?

This map shows the proportion of people in each borough who are low paid. The overall proportion of jobs held by people living in London that were low paid was 21% (680,000 low-paid residents); 20% (250,000) in Inner London and 23% (430,000) in Outer London. However there was much variation between the boroughs. Eight of the eleven boroughs where 24% or more of the residents were low-paid are found in Outer London. 

In 2015 – 16 Newham had the highest proportion of residents who were low-paid at 36% (38,000 low-paid residents). Brent and Barking & Dagenham were next both at 32%. Brent had the highest number of low-paid residents at 40,000 while Barking & Dagenham had 19,000; Brent has more than double the number of residents compared with Barking & Dagenham. Richmond and Wandsworth had the lowest proportion of low-paid residents, both at 12% (8,000 and 16,000 low-paid residents respectively), followed by Hammersmith & Fulham at 13% (9,000).

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