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Date 20 April 2020
Date updated 20 April 2020

Economic activity status of Londoners aged 16 and over (2019)

Economic activity status of London men aged 16 and over (2019)

Economic activity status of London women aged and over (2019)

Over 4.6 million Londoners - 65% of the adult population - are in work of some kind. This is higher than the 61% of adults who are employed in the rest of England.

There are over 400,000 more men in work in London than women. The men who work in London are also more likely to be self-employed, with 23% of men who work in London doing so for themselves compared to 14% of women.

35% of adults in London are economically inactive. Women are significantly more likely to be economically inactive than men, with 41% of women not working compared to 28% of men. For many types of inactivity, women and men have very similar rates, including long-term sickness, studying and unemployment. However, women were significantly more likely to not be working because they were looking after the home or family, with 10% of women -  360,000 people - being homemakers compared to 30,000 men - less than 1% of the total. Slightly more women were retired in London than men, possibly because women live longer than men on average.