Gross weekly earnings

Date 1 September 2017
Date updated 20 April 2020

Indexed gross weekly pay in London and England (2002-2018)

In 2011, jobs at the 10th percentile of gross weekly pay in London had weekly pay 16.5% lower (in real terms) than in 2008. This compares to an 8% fall for those at the 10th percentile in England overall. Pay for these jobs in London has also failed to recover, still being nearly 8% lower in real terms than their 2008 level a decade later in 2018.

While gross weekly pay for jobs towards the top of the distribution (at the 90th percentile) were not so heavily impacted by the financial crisis (with an 11.5% fall to the low point in 2015), they remain 6.5% below their 2008 levels (in real terms) in 2018.

Gross weekly earning of jobs at the 10th and 90th percentile by England regions (2019)

Even so, jobs at both the top and the bottom of the income distribution pay more in London than in any other region of the country, with jobs and the 90th percentile paying over £1,300 a week in London compared to just under £900 in the North East. The difference is less stark for low incomes, with jobs at the 10th percentile paying £178 a week on average in London and £146 in the North East.