Income inequality across England

What does this chart show?

This graph looks at what proportion of each region’s population are in the UK’s top or bottom 10% of the income distribution, measured after housing costs. For example, 15% of London's population are inside the poorest 10% of the national population. And 14.4% of London's population are inside the richest 10% of the national population. This makes London the most unequal region, as it has a relatively high proportion of people with high incomes and with low incomes. As a consequence, London has a relatively hollowed out middle of the income distribution within the UK.

Other regions tend to have relatively more low-income households or relatively more high-income households (such as the South East). Only London is over-represented at both the top and the bottom of the income distribution. This finding has been consistent for as long as this series of reports has been produced (since 2009). 

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