Homelessness prevention/relief destinations

Date 1 September 2017
Date updated 12 October 2017

Homelessness prevention/relief - destinations

What does this chart show?

Of the 13,000 cases in London where homelessness was prevented or relieved and the household moved home in 2016/17, 5,900 moved to private rented accommodation, 45% of all cases. A similar amount moved to social rented accommodation, supported accommodation and hostels or houses in multiple occupation (HMO), with 1,900 moving to a social rent, 2,000 to a hostel or HMO and 2,300 to supported accommodation. 

The proportion of households that moved into private rented accommodation is down from five years previously, when it was 53% of all cases prevented or relieved where the household moved home. This has been driven by a fall in the absolute number of households moving to private rent, down from 8,500 households in 2011/12. The number of households moving into other types of accommodation has remained fairly unchanged over five years. 

However, the proportion that moved into private rented accommodation is still higher than across the rest of England, where the proportion was 22% of all cases in 2016/17. A higher proportion across the rest of England moved to social rented accommodation, at 36% compared with 14% in London.