Tara Flood

Tara Flood

Tara Flood is a disability rights activist and Director at the Alliance for Inclusive Education. Tara has been involved with the disability rights movement at a grassroots level, for many years, and she is committed to creating social and political change, that will deliver equality for all disabled people at a local, regional, national and international level.

Tara was involved in the discussions at the United Nations in the development of the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and is now part of the campaign to get the Convention fully implemented.

Tara works with organisations led by disabled people, allied organisations, children’s rights organisations, statutory agencies and Government departments, both in a personal and professional capacity, and is committed to the voices and experiences of all disabled people being at the heart of discussions and decision making about our lives.

She has previously worked at SCOPE, Disability Awareness in Action, RADAR, Disabled Living Foundation, Lloyds Bank Securities Services and Natwest Bank Investment Services. Tara is also currently a trustee of Inclusion London, a Steering Group member of Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition Against Cuts and Chair of a resident led Commission in the borough focused on coproducing local services and policy making.

Tara joined the Trust in December 2011 and is Chair of the Social Enterprise Committee.