Gender and ethnicity pay gap

The Trust only has 23 staff so does not have to comply with the Gender Pay Gap reporting required as from April 2017. Statutory reporting is only required for organisations with 250 Employees or more. However, the Trust has chosen to publish details of its gender pay gap and its ethnicity pay gap.

It should be noted, that in a small sample like that at the Trust (23 staff), results can be skewed by individuals therefore for comparative purposes, the figures are presented with and without the Chief Executive who is male and from a BME background; and is the highest paid employee.

His gender, ethnicity and pay distort the figures significantly. For instance, mean gender pay is 18.4% for all staff but reduces to 6.6% when the Chief Executive’s data is excluded i.e. male staff are only a little better paid than female staff. 

Similarly, mean ethnicity pay gap is -20.5% with the Chief Executive’s data included i.e. BME staff are better paid than white staff. When this data is excluded, the ethnicity pay gap is -4.9% i.e., BME staff are only a little better paid than white staff.                                         

Calculations and use of terms

The basis for our calculations are as given in the Gender Pay Gap Reporting CIPD Guide March 2017.                                                                                     

The mean pay gap is the difference in percentage terms between the averages in hourly pay rates of all full pay male (or white, in relation to ethnicity data) employees compared to all female (or Black and Minority Ethnic for ethnicity data) full pay employees.        

Median is the salary value that lies at the midpoint of the salary distribution in the Trust.

The median pay gap is the percentage difference between the median hourly pay rates of the two sets of groupings (gender; ethnicity).        

Quartile pay bands are the proportions of full-pay relevant employees who are male/female in the lower, lower-middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands (or BME/non-BME for ethnicity stats).                                

Salary sacrifice schemes are excluded from the pay calculations.

Gender pay gap 2019 graphic
Gender pay gap at Trust for London
Ethnicity pay gap 2019
Ethnicity pay gap at Trust for London